Microsoft points out preparing Xbox Series S budget console in its documentation


Rumours that along with the Xbox Series X, Microsoft is preparing a more affordable next-generation console under the name Xbox Series S, appeared a long time ago. Another proof of the preparation of this set-top box, code-named Lockhart, was found in the release notes for the June update for the Microsoft Game Development Kit.


The notes mention the Lockhart Profiling mode twice. Moreover, in one of the cases, it is mentioned immediately after the Anaconda Profiling mode. The latter refers to the already presented Xbox Series X console because its code name is Anaconda. So now you can almost certainly talk about the affinity of these consoles, and that Lockhart is indeed part of the new generation of Xbox consoles.

According to previous rumours, a conditional Xbox Series S may cost half as much as the older Xbox Series X. The supposedly more affordable console will actually be the key product of the new generation, and Microsoft will make the main bet on it. It is difficult to say whether this is really so.

However, this leak confirms that Microsoft is indeed working on yet another next-generation console. This, in turn, refutes the rumours that appeared some time ago that the younger Xbox of the new generation is cancelled. Perhaps Microsoft will share some official information about the Xbox Series S next month because it is in July for it to announce game announcements for the next-generation consoles.

In the end, recall that the presented Xbox Series X should go out to the season of New Year’s holidays this year.



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