Microsoft to host a range of Gaming, Cloud and Windows events in the coming months


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:47 pm

Microsoft to host a range of Gaming, Cloud and Windows events in the coming months

The authoritative edition The Verge has learned that Microsoft has planned a number of events in the coming months that are dedicated to games, cloud services, and the Windows operating system. The first event will take place this week and will focus on the company’s future plans for the development of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft edge
Microsoft edge

The tech giant will host similar events in the coming months to mark its future plans for several other products and technologies, including Windows. Microsoft usually discusses its wide range of products at events like Ignite or Build, and this tradition will continue in 2021. However, the company will now host smaller events dedicated to individual products and technologies.

The Windows-related event will likely focus on the redesign of Windows 10 and the launch of the new Windows 10X, aimed at devices with flexible displays and more. It’s no secret that this year Microsoft will put a lot of effort into a significant redesign of the user interface of Windows 10, aimed at improving the consistency of elements of the operating system.

In addition, the company has big plans for the gaming segment this year. They primarily concern Xbox Game Pass and xCloud services. Probably a special “gaming” event will be dedicated to plans to expand xCloud.

It is worth noting that this approach of Microsoft to news events is significantly different from what we have seen in previous years. This is most likely due to the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, which has transformed entire industries and the way they do business. If the new measures prove successful, Microsoft will likely change its approach to event planning forever.

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