Migos Rapper Quavo Hosts Summit Against Gun Violence Featuring VP Kamala Harris


Quavo, the renowned rapper from the Migos, has taken a significant step in transforming his grief into action by hosting the inaugural Rocket Foundation Summit at the Carter Center in Atlanta. This event, held on what would have been the late rapper Takeoff’s 30th birthday, aimed to address and combat gun violence. Joined by Vice President Kamala Harris, Quavo led discussions on community violence intervention and youth programs, marking a pivotal moment in his ongoing efforts to honor his nephew’s legacy.

Migos Rapper Quavo Hosts
Migos Rapper Quavo Hosts

The Tragic Loss of Takeoff

A Devastating Incident

Takeoff, a member of the Migos and Quavo’s nephew, was tragically killed in a shooting incident in Houston in 2022. Police reports indicated that Takeoff was an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire during an altercation over a dice game. His untimely death shocked the music industry and fans worldwide, highlighting the pervasive issue of gun violence.

Grieving and Moving Forward

For Quavo, the loss of Takeoff has been a profound and ongoing source of grief. “It’s super hard every day. I’m still crying. I’m still grieving. I’m still mourning,” Quavo shared during the summit. Despite the immense pain, he has found solace and purpose in launching the Rocket Foundation, which focuses on community violence intervention and aims to prevent similar tragedies.

The Rocket Foundation Summit

Honoring Takeoff’s Legacy

The Rocket Foundation Summit was strategically scheduled on Takeoff’s birthday to honor his memory and amplify the mission of reducing gun violence. Quavo emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating, “This is my second calling. This is very personal to me. That’s what makes my drive and motivation to go even harder.”

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High-Profile Participation

The summit featured a fireside chat with Vice President Kamala Harris, who praised Quavo’s efforts to turn his tragedy into a movement for positive change. Harris remarked, “To translate that pain and grief into something that is about creating strength and empowerment in the community — including our young — is pretty extraordinary.”

Panel Discussions and Youth Programs

The one-day summit included several panel discussions focusing on gun violence prevention, the importance of youth programs, and community intervention strategies. Participants included survivors of gun violence, community leaders, and policy advocates, all working towards a common goal of reducing gun-related incidents.

Key Initiatives and Programs

The Sparks Grant Program

Earlier this year, Quavo and the Rocket Foundation launched the Sparks Grant program, designed to support organizations dedicated to minimizing community violence. The program aims to award $100,000 in grants to Atlanta-focused initiatives, demonstrating Quavo’s commitment to making a tangible impact on the ground.

Community Engagement and Support

Quavo highlighted the importance of direct involvement in community efforts, stating, “I’m on the ground. I’m working. We’re getting things done. We’re getting results. We’re raising real money. We’re going down into the real communities where the problem has been an issue.” This hands-on approach is crucial in building trust and fostering effective violence prevention programs.

The Role of Celebrity Influence

Leveraging Fame for Change

Quavo has utilized his platform and influence to bring attention to the pressing issue of gun violence. Vice President Harris acknowledged this during their discussion, saying, “You have chosen to use your celebrity and the gifts you have as an artist to talk about and work on with action. It’s extraordinary. You are an incredible leader. A national leader on this.”

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Building Partnerships

One of Quavo’s goals is to establish more partnerships between the Rocket Foundation and governmental bodies, including the White House. He believes that collaborative efforts are essential to creating widespread awareness and developing sustainable solutions to combat gun violence.

Looking Ahead

Continuing the Mission

Quavo is determined to continue his mission to honor Takeoff’s legacy and prevent further violence. He hopes the summit will lead to more significant collaborations and increased visibility for the cause. “It hits hard when it hits home,” he said. “We’re trying to avoid that. Just because it’s next door, you don’t close your door. You can open the door and help your neighborhood.”

National Awareness

Quavo aims to raise national awareness about gun violence and community intervention. “It’s joining hands with the world and making sure this awareness is on a national billboard. That’s my platform,” he asserted. His dedication to this cause underscores the potential for celebrities to drive meaningful social change.