MIUI 12 takes user data security to the next level


Last updated on April 29th, 2023 at 12:35 pm

Branded MACE technology eliminates the need for cloud services for security systems

Xiaomi has developed a software platform called MACE (Mobile AI Compute Engine), which will take user data security to a new level. MACE will debut in MIUI 12 firmware, which should be presented very soon – April 27th.

MACE technology

The most important advantage of MACE is its autonomy. It performs all the processes directly on the mobile device and does not use cloud services servers to process the power of the servers. Well, as long as the data is not sent anywhere, then it is impossible to intercept it. But that’s not all – MIUI 12 will introduce a data protection mechanism called “distinctive privacy”. Its meaning is to add to the user data transmitted via wireless communication a small part of the fake code – harmless, but at the same time interfering with decoding information in case of interception.

The “distinctive privacy” algorithm combined with MACE should make smartphones with MIUI 12 more secure. For all current users of Xiaomi smartphones, the beauty is that these protection systems are implemented in software, so users of models who are promised an upgrade to MIUI 12 will receive new protection systems automatically with new firmware.

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