Named the most successful mobile games. PUBG leads


PUBG became the most profitable mobile game in May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic hit a wide variety of industries, but the gaming industry not only did not suffer but also demonstrates an improvement over last year. Caught in isolation, many began to watch films and series, and also play more.


Named the most successful mobile games. PUBG leads

In May of this year, the multiplayer online game PUBG Mobile became the most profitable mobile game, fans of which spent more than 226 million dollars in it in just a month. In May last year, the game brought 41 less.

The game is distributed according to the popular shareware model when the game itself can be obtained for free, but premium content costs real money.

Most of PUBG Mobile’s revenue comes from China (53%), the United States comes second (10.2%), followed by Saudi Arabia (5.5%).

The second most profitable mobile project in May was Honor of Kings, which brought in $ 204.5 million, up 42% from the previous year. 95% of the income was provided by Chinese players.

Third place goes to Pokemon GO, which brought in $ 82.2 million.



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