NASA begins preparations for the launch of the Psyche spacecraft


Psyche is scheduled to launch on SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket on October 5. The mission promises to reveal the secrets of the history of the solar system and the composition of our planet.

After successful fueling and testing, NASA’s Psyche spacecraft is ready for launch on SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy. The mission is scheduled to lift off on Thursday, October 5, from Spaceport 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


Technicians at the Astrotech Space Center (Florida) have completed the final stage of assembly. This is the amount that will allow the vehicle to connect to the top of the rocket once it is secured inside the payload fairing.

NASA begins preparations for the launch of the Psyche spacecraft

Psyche’s journey in space will last almost six years, the device will travel approximately 3.6 billion kilometers before approaching the asteroid of the same name, which is located between Mars and Jupiter.

Scientists suggest that the Psyche asteroid is part of the core of a planetesimal body, which is likely composed of iron and nickel. Scientific data will be obtained by studying the asteroid from its orbit, which will help researchers gain a better understanding of the composition of the Earth’s core.

Additionally, Psyche will host a groundbreaking technology test, the DSOC (Deep Space Optical Communications) experiment. This is a high-capacity optical communications system that will be tested during the first two years of Psyche’s voyage.

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