NASA helps Roskosmos determine the causes of a refrigerant leak


So far no results have been announced.

A mission control spokesperson at NASA said there was a refrigerant leak aboard the Progress MS-21 cargo spacecraft . At the moment it has stopped.



“ This morning we had a refrigerant leak from the thermal management system into space, the refrigerant leak has stopped. We believe all of the refrigerant has been completely exhausted ,” NASA said. They said they were assisting Russian specialists to understand the causes of the leak.

Previously, NASA experts have already helped Roscosmos specialists investigate the causes of the leak on the Soyuz MS-22 in December 2022. They also recorded a depressurization of the cooling circuit, which caused the temperature to rise on board for some time.

Also, the American agency noted that the crew on board the ISS is out of danger and is performing regular tasks. The cause of the leak has not yet been determined. This was also confirmed by Roskosmos.

“The temperature regime and pressure on board the station are normal, nothing threatens the life and health of the crew, they feel good. All cargoes planned for flooding are already in the Progress MS-21 ship. The reasons for its depressurization are being investigated , ”the state corporation specified.

At the moment, it is planned that the return and flooding of the Progress MS-21 will take place as planned.

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