Need more modifications to the Nintendo Switch. Is the company preparing two new game consoles?


One may be exclusively the home version of Switch

The Nintendo Switch game console is only three years old. Last summer, the Japanese giant released an updated version, which became truly autonomous, as well as slightly more productive. Expecting a completely new model in the near future is clearly not worth it, but what about the new prefix of a different form factor?


Need more modifications to the Nintendo Switch. Is the company preparing two new game consoles?

As reported, in the code of the latest update, which brought the Nintendo consoles long-awaited functions, mention was made of a certain device with the identifier nx-abcd. At Nintendo, such identifiers characterize the form factor of the device, and nx-abcd is a completely new one.

Up to this point, three such identifiers were known: nx-abca2, nx-abcb, and nx-abcc. The nx-abcc identifier has a Switch Lite console, and it stands for a fully portable device. The nx-abca2 identifier corresponds to hybrid models – this is the usual Switch and its updated version. The nx-abcb identifier is supposedly intended for home versions, that is, those that connect to the TV and cannot be used in portable mode. The firmware code also has the code name Calcio, and it is it, according to sources, that corresponds to the model with the identifier nx-abcb. That is, it will be exclusively a Nintendo home console, and possibly very cheap.

About the three identifiers listed above have been known for some time, but the identifier nx-abcd is completely new, that is, probably, work on such a device began relatively recently. At the same time, it is still completely unclear what kind of product this may be, because the identifiers that appeared earlier correspond to all the usual form factors of game consoles. Perhaps Nintendo is preparing something completely new for us?


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