Panasonic’s Latest Refrigerator Offerings: Prime Convertible and Frost-Free Series


Panasonic’s Latest Refrigerator Offerings: Prime Convertible and Frost-Free Series

Panasonic, a renowned name in electronics, has introduced its new line of Prime Convertible and Frost-Free refrigerators, proudly manufactured in India. These refrigerators not only come packed with impressive features but also signal Panasonic’s ambitious expansion plans within the Indian market.

 Exploring Panasonic’s New Refrigerator Lineup

Panasonic’s recent foray into the Indian refrigerator market showcases two distinct series:

Panasonic's Latest Refrigerator

Panasonic’s Latest Refrigerator

Prime Convertible Series:

These refrigerators are available in two capacities – 357 liters and 401 liters, priced at Rs 55,490 and Rs 63,490, respectively. Shoppers can find them both online, on the Panasonic website and Amazon, as well as at offline retail outlets.

Compact Frost-Free Refrigerators:

Panasonic also presents a range of compact frost-free refrigerators with a 260-liter capacity, retailing at Rs 23,490. These are exclusively available at offline retail stores, and Panasonic offers an enticing exchange program to provide discounts on these models.

Unveiling the Features of Panasonic’s New Refrigerators

Prime Convertible Refrigerators:

These versatile models boast a two-door design and offer four distinct cooling modes. Equipped with ECONAVI sensors for precise cooling adjustments, Panasonic provides a 3-year warranty for the unit and an impressive 10-year warranty for the compressor. The available cooling modes include Tiffin Fresh, Pro-marinate, Insta Fresh, and Pro Chill. These refrigerators also feature an inverter-compatible compressor and are available in elegant Diamond Black.

Frost-Free Refrigerators:

With a capacity of 260 liters, these refrigerators employ a surround airflow cooling system for optimal performance. They are available in multiple attractive colors, including Electric Gray, Ocean Blue, and Floral Blue, and include convenient accessories like bottle holders and ice trays. Panasonic offers a 1-year warranty for the unit and an enduring 10-year warranty for the compressor.

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 Panasonic’s Growth Strategy in India

Panasonic’s introduction of these two refrigerator series underscores its commitment to achieving double-digit growth in the Indian refrigerator market. By adhering to the ‘Make In India’ initiative, the company plans to expand its portfolio of locally manufactured kitchen appliances. With this move, Panasonic aims for an estimated 14% increase in revenue in its large appliances business in India.

FAQs to Panasonic’s Latest Refrigerator

Q1: Where can I purchase Panasonic’s Prime Convertible refrigerators?

A1: You can buy the Prime Convertible refrigerators from Panasonic’s official website, Amazon, and various offline retail stores.

Q2: What cooling modes are available in the Prime Convertible refrigerators?

A2: The Prime Convertible refrigerators offer four cooling modes: Tiffin Fresh, Pro-marinate, Insta Fresh, and Pro Chill.

Q3: What’s the warranty coverage for Panasonic’s compressor in these refrigerators?

A3: Panasonic provides a 10-year warranty for the compressor in both Prime Convertible and Frost-Free refrigerators.

Q4: Are the Frost-Free refrigerators available in different colors?

A4: Yes, the Frost-Free refrigerators come in multiple colors, including Electric Gray, Ocean Blue, and Floral Blue.

Q5: What is Panasonic’s growth strategy in the Indian refrigerator market?

A5: Panasonic aims to achieve double-digit growth by manufacturing kitchen appliances in India and following the ‘Make In India’ initiative.

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