“Never had this problem with Windows 7”: Fresh Windows 11 update slows down PC


But more than a hundred vulnerabilities were fixed

The other day, Microsoft released a selection of cumulative updates as part of the traditional monthly “update on Tuesdays” (Patch Tuesday), including Windows 11 was updated. As it turned out, the update brought not only fixes for more than a hundred vulnerabilities and new features for Windows 11 Moment 3, but also many problems. 

Windows 11 update
Windows 11 update

The main complaints from Windows 11 22H2 users who installed the KB5028185 update are slow performance, internet connection failures, and login problems. Also, the update did not solve the already known problem with the slowdown of the SSD, which continues to bother users. 

Here is an example of one of the many complaints on Reddit:

KB5028185 is garbage. Thanks to this update, my reboot and startup times have increased significantly, the welcome screen hung for 17 seconds, while before it lasted about 4.5 seconds. The shutdown time is also longer, but I did not time it. 

Another user remarks: “Why did all my games and applications become so slow after [updating]?”. And another person replies: “It happened to me the same way. Can’t believe how terrible the performance is. I uninstalled the update and everything was fine. I hate how Microsoft constantly forces you to install such broken updates on Windows 10/11. Never had this problem with Windows 7/8.”  

“Never had this problem with Windows 7”: Fresh Windows 11 update slows down PC

Another complaint is: 

Has anyone else encountered the fact that your computer “puffed” very much after the update? Everything was working great last night, updates were received this morning, it took 4 hours to download/install updates, another 45 minutes to install properly after 2 restarts, and now, 4 hours after restarts are complete, everything is STILL very slow. 

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In addition to performance drops, users have complained about disruptions in both Wi-Fi (wireless) and Ethernet (wired) connections. An example of such a complaint: 

My computer is no longer connected to the internet. No wifi or ethernet. And my firewall won’t start. Before this “update” everything was fine. 

Another major glitch concerns login issues. Simply put, users simply cannot log in – the OS does not display the login panel and the user cannot enter a password. 

As a temporary measure when such problems occur, you can uninstall KB5028185 altogether. However, then the user will be left with all the vulnerabilities that Microsoft fixed with its release.

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