New Apex Legends Trailer Reveals Valkyrie’s Abilities in Detail


New Apex Legends Trailer Reveals Valkyrie’s Abilities in Detail

Publisher Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment continue to prepare for the launch of the next season of Legacy in Apex Legends Battle Royale. First, the fans were introduced to the new legend in the short film “Nordstar,” then they presented the trailer and told the details about the 9th season. Now the developers have told in more detail about the newest heroine – Valkyrie.

Apex legends
Apex legends

Valkyrie uses her jetpack, made from the remains of her father’s Nordstar-class titanium, to fly over the battlefield for a limited time and attack enemies from above. The fuel supply is small, but it replenishes over time, so you need to use the opportunity wisely.

Valkyrie’s tactical ability is to fire a swarm of mini-missiles that deal with area damage and disorient enemies. If the situation is too tense or you need to go on the offensive, you can use special skills, which allows her to change deployment with a detachment quickly or suddenly attack enemies.

Apex Legends recently passed the 100 million player mark. Season of Legacy kicks off on May 4th and will bring, in addition to Valkyrie, the permanent Arena mode, where Legends fight in a 3v3 format on five maps. With each round, you can accumulate and spend points to buy weapons, improve their elements, special skills, or purchase additional ammunition and equipment. In Arenas, you can use special and tactical skills a limited number of times per match.

In addition, a bow will appear in the game – a powerful and deadly weapon that can be made more efficiently by installing two improvements: Deadeye’s Tempo will allow you to shoot faster, and Shatter Caps will make arrows burst when fired. Also, the season will bring the infected Olympus map, a battle pass, and a ranked mode.

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Apex Legends is out on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch.

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