New Luddites? Scandal breaks out at ArtStation over images created by neural networks


Artists take a stand against AI

Generative neural networks have spread around the world in recent months. Thousands of users are experimenting with them, and many create their own versions of such neural networks. However, this is very worrisome for artists. And they started a protest on the ArtStation website.


It all started back on Tuesday, when many of the authors began to openly speak out against the use of neural networks for content generation, because lately it was AI-created images that appeared on the main page of the resource, and not original works.

Artists have started posting a sign that bans AI art. It was created by illustrator Nicholas Cole. His protest was supported by hundreds of other authors, who began to place this sign in their portfolios in order to bring it to the main page.

However, after the first performances, the situation only worsened. Epic Games, which owns the platform, said that it would not remove content created by neural networks, because it does not want to hinder the development of AI technologies, and the site rules themselves do not prohibit the use of neural networks to create new images.

At the same time, Epic Games said they respect the choice of artists and copyright law. An Epic spokesperson also said that the company did not enter into agreements with neural network developers.


Earlier, we recall, Adobe announced that it would sell AI work on its platform.

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