“Originality is a rare quality in games,” critics praise Blacktail’s game about Baba Yaga’s early years

The average score is 80/100

Polish studio The Parasight yesterday released a new game called Blacktail, which tells about the early years of Baba Yaga, and critics began to publish reviews.

According to aggregators Metacritic and Opencritic, which published 6 and 10 reviews respectively, Blacktail’s average score so far is 80 out of 1000 possible.

Blacktail’s game
Blacktail’s game

The following are excerpts from the reviews:

Beautiful, touching work that will stay with you long after you beat the game. Blacktail is a world worth getting lost in.

DualShockers (98/100)

Blacktail offers so much with a strong tone throughout. While some areas could have been more polished, what we get is still fantastic.

Wccftech (87/100)

Blacktail may not do everything right, but it’s still an enjoyable and gripping story set in a dark and beautiful fantasy world.

God is a Geek (80/100)

Originality is a rare quality in games, and Blacktail has it in abundance – Slavic folklore, surreal storytelling, unusual plot structure, dreamlike art style, archery-based gameplay.

Shacknews (80/100)

Blacktail doesn’t claim to be groundbreaking and most of the elements are minor compared to the genre’s hits, but overall it’s a delightfully dark, fairy tale-filled adventure that keeps you on your toes.

GameWatcher (75/100)

The first game of The Parasight impresses from the very beginning with a fairy tale atmosphere and several interesting mechanics. However, various shortcomings are revealed after some time, such as repetitive gameplay and technical issues. There’s a lot to enjoy here, but Blacktail won’t be opening at the end of the year.

Eurogamer Poland (60/100)

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