Nikki Beach Hospitality Group: Expanding Horizons Beyond the Beach


For over two decades, Nikki Beach has been synonymous with barefoot luxury, offering an unparalleled experience that blends music, dining, entertainment, fashion, and art in idyllic coastal settings. Now, the brand is embarking on a new chapter with the launch of Nikki Beach Hospitality Group. This exciting evolution signifies a strategic shift towards a more diversified hospitality portfolio.

A New Chapter for a Beloved Brand: Introducing Nikki Beach Hospitality Group

The official announcement of Nikki Beach Hospitality Group (NBHG) follows the successful debut of Lucia, a new dining concept launched in March 2024. Lucia’s arrival marks a departure from the traditional beach club format, offering a sophisticated culinary experience in a stylish setting. This expansion reflects NBHG’s commitment to exploring new avenues within the hospitality industry.

Nikki Beach Hospitality Group
Nikki Beach Hospitality Group

Lucia Penrod, co-founder, owner, and CEO of Nikki Beach Hospitality Group, expressed her enthusiasm about this pivotal moment in the brand’s journey: “We are delighted to announce the evolution of Nikki Beach Global into Nikki Beach Hospitality Group. This signifies a pivotal moment in our trajectory.”

Ms. Penrod further elaborated on the group’s vision: “With the addition of Lucia Cannes to our portfolio, we aim to further expand our brand into urban and winter locales, while simultaneously continuing the growth of the Nikki Beach brand in coastal destinations.” This two-pronged approach allows NBHG to cater to a wider audience while maintaining its core beach club experience.

The expansion plans are ambitious, with numerous Nikki Beach openings scheduled across the Middle East, Asia, and the Caribbean. This strategic move strengthens NBHG’s global presence and caters to the growing demand for luxurious beachside escapes in these regions.

Ms. Penrod’s concluding statement highlights the group’s commitment: “I am enthusiastic about establishing this group as we advance the growth of both our brands.” This dedication to nurturing both Nikki Beach and Lucia underscores NBHG’s commitment to offering a diverse range of hospitality experiences.

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A Legacy of Barefoot Luxury: The Enduring Appeal of Nikki Beach

The story of Nikki Beach began in 1998 when entrepreneurs Jack and Lucia Penrod envisioned a unique concept that combined luxury with a relaxed beachside atmosphere. The first Nikki Beach club opened in Miami, Florida, and quickly gained a loyal following for its innovative approach to hospitality.

Nikki Beach’s signature offerings include:

  • Stunning beachfront locations with world-class facilities
  • Exquisite dining experiences featuring international cuisine and innovative cocktails
  • Live music performances by renowned DJs and artists
  • Fashionable beachwear and lifestyle boutiques
  • A vibrant atmosphere that encourages relaxation and socialization

Over the years, Nikki Beach has expanded its footprint to include multiple locations worldwide. Each club retains the brand’s core identity while reflecting the unique characteristics of its local setting. This allows guests to experience the essence of Nikki Beach in diverse destinations, from the vibrant shores of Ibiza to the pristine beaches of Tulum.

Beyond the Beach: The Rise of Lucia and the Future of NBHG

The launch of Lucia marks a significant step for NBHG’s diversification strategy. Lucia offers a refined dining experience in a sophisticated setting, catering to guests seeking a more elevated culinary experience. The success of Lucia indicates NBHG’s ability to extend its expertise beyond the beach club format.

Looking ahead, NBHG’s future appears bright. The group plans to expand its portfolio with new Nikki Beach locations and potentially introduce additional dining concepts under the Lucia brand. This multi-pronged approach allows NBHG to cater to a wider range of travelers and establish itself as a leader in the global hospitality industry.

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