Nintendo Switch became the best-selling home console in France


The Nintendo Switch has continued to break sales records for almost six years now, with huge numbers of consoles sold in several major markets. Recently, one of them reached another important milestone.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

According to the French TV channel BFMTV, Nintendo has announced that Switch has become the best-selling home console in France today. In 2022, over 987,000 units were sold in this country, with total sales reaching 7.1 million units. Previously, the record was held by the Nintendo Wii, which sold 6.3 million units in France.

But the best-selling handheld console remains the Nintendo DS with 10.6 million units.

According to Nintendo France CEO Philippe Lavouet, 10.5% of all people in France (a population of about 67 million people) own a Switch. Lavoue also says that thanks to Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Pokemon had a “historic year” that was “unheard of for a franchise in France.”

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