Nissan Magnite Hits 1 Lakh Milestone, Launches NISSAN ONE Web Platform for Enhanced Customer Experience

Nissan India is celebrating a double victory! The compact SUV Nissan Magnite has crossed the impressive sales milestone of 1 lakh units since its 2020 debut, making it the brand’s sole product offering in the country. But that’s not all – to further elevate the customer experience, Nissan has launched a new web platform called “NISSAN ONE.”

NISSAN ONE: A One-Stop Shop for All Your Nissan Needs

NISSAN ONE acts as a centralized hub for both new and existing customers, streamlining their interaction with the brand. Forget juggling multiple websites for different requests – this single sign-on platform offers a holistic suite of services, including:

  • Test drive booking: Schedule a test drive for your dream Nissan vehicle.
  • Car booking: Conveniently book your chosen Nissan car online.
  • Real-time service booking: Manage your car’s servicing needs efficiently with real-time appointments.

No more hopping between various platforms for different tasks – NISSAN ONE simplifies the process and puts you in control.

Nissan Magnite
Nissan Magnite

Sweeten the Deal with “Refer & Earn”

Want to share your love for Nissan? Existing customers can now participate in the new “Refer & Earn” program, a perk offered through NISSAN ONE. Recommend Nissan cars to your friends and family, and get rewarded with exciting benefits! This initiative fosters loyalty and strengthens the Nissan community.

Nissan’s Commitment to Customer Centricity

“NISSAN ONE” and the “Refer & Earn” program are testaments to Nissan’s commitment to prioritizing its customers. Nissan India’s Director of Marketing, Product & Customer Experience, Mohan Wilson, emphasizes, “This robust, innovative platform is a reflection of Nissan’s ‘Customer First’ philosophy.”

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By offering a seamless and personalized experience, Nissan aims to build stronger relationships with its customers and further establish itself in the Indian automotive market.


Q: What is NISSAN ONE?

A: NISSAN ONE is a new web platform by Nissan India that offers a centralized hub for various customer services like test drive booking, car booking, and service booking.

Q: What are the benefits of using NISSAN ONE?

A: It simplifies the customer journey by offering a single point of access for various services, saves time, and provides a personalized experience.

Q: What is the “Refer & Earn” program?

A: This program allows existing Nissan customers to refer their friends and family to buy a Nissan car and earn rewards in return.

Q: What was the sales milestone achieved by Nissan Magnite?

A: Nissan Magnite has crossed the 1 lakh sales mark in India since its launch in 2020.

Q: Does NISSAN ONE offer real-time service booking?

A: Yes, NISSAN ONE allows you to book your car’s service appointments in real time.

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