North Carolina Congresswoman Injured in Serious Car Accident: Sustains Broken Bones


North Carolina Congresswoman Injured in Serious Car Accident

Greensboro, NC – Democratic Representative Kathy Manning of North Carolina, and a member of her staff, were involved in a serious car accident on their way to a district event, as reported by the congresswoman’s office.

The accident occurred on Thursday morning, but both Manning and her staff member sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were promptly taken to a local hospital for medical attention. Fortunately, they have already been discharged and are on the road to recovery, according to an official statement released by Manning’s office.

U.S. Rep. Kathy Manning
U.S. Rep. Kathy Manning

The congresswoman, who represents North Carolina’s constituents with dedication and passion, suffered a broken sternum and a broken bone in her foot. Despite her injuries, she is in good spirits and is recuperating at home while continuing to work remotely to serve her constituents effectively.

Acknowledging the efforts of first responders and the Cone Health team, Representative Manning expressed her heartfelt gratitude for their swift response and assistance. She also commended the staff at Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital for their professionalism and kindness during her stay.

The accident comes during the August recess when Congress is not in session until September. As the news of the incident spread, well-wishers, colleagues, and constituents offered their prayers and kind words to support Manning during her recovery.

CNN has sought additional information from the Greensboro Police Department regarding the details of the accident.

As Rep. Kathy Manning focuses on her recovery, the North Carolina community stands united in support and admiration for her commitment to public service. Her determination to work from home while healing showcases her unwavering dedication to the people she represents.

In conclusion, we wish Congresswoman Kathy Manning a speedy and complete recovery, and we extend our appreciation to the first responders and medical staff who ensured her timely care. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of road safety and the dedication of public servants who put their constituents first even in challenging times. We look forward to her full recovery and a swift return to her duties in Congress.

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