Nothing Now Lets You 3D Print Your Own CMF Phone 1 Back Cover


Nothing, the tech innovator known for its sleek designs and user-centric approach, has taken customization to a whole new level with the CMF Phone 1. This smartphone breaks the mold by allowing users to 3D print their back covers and personalize their devices like never before.

This article delves deep into the exciting world of 3D-printed CMF Phone 1 back covers, exploring its origins, the plethora of customization options, and how you can join the creative community.

Nothing Now Lets You 3D Print
Nothing Now Lets You 3D Print

From Social Media Buzz to Reality: The Birth of User-Designed Back Covers

The story behind user-designed back covers is as unique as the concept itself. It all began with a spark of creativity from a tech enthusiast named DerrenGoneDigital. Derren took to social media, proposing a novel idea: a trading card holder case for the CMF Phone 1. This innovative concept caught the eye of Nothing’s founder, Carl Pei, who recognized the potential and the passion within the community.

Living up to its reputation for user-focused innovation, Nothing swiftly transformed this social media spark into a tangible reality. Within hours, downloadable files were released, empowering users to 3D print their trading card holder cases. This swift action demonstrates Nothing’s commitment to fostering a community of creators and actively incorporating user ideas into its products.

A World of Customization Awaits: Explore the Possibilities

The CMF Phone 1 boasts a revolutionary design with replaceable rear cases. These easily detachable covers, secured by standard M2 screws, unlock endless possibilities for personalization. Users can swap out back covers to suit their style or even incorporate a variety of functional accessories.

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An “Accessory Point” located at the bottom right corner of the phone serves as the anchor for these add-ons. This ingenious design allows for the attachment of various accessories, such as:

  • Ergonomic Camera Grips: Enhance your mobile photography experience with a custom-designed camera grip that provides added stability and comfort.
  • Specialized Lens Attachments: Take your phone photography to the next level by attaching macro lenses, telephoto lenses, or wide-angle lenses, all secured via the Accessory Point.
  • Card Holder Cases: Integrate a practical cardholder into your back cover, offering convenient on-the-go access to your essential cards.

The options are truly limitless, fostering a culture of creativity and allowing users to personalize their CMF Phone 1 to perfectly reflect their style and needs.

Fueling Your Creativity: Tools and Resources for 3D Printing

To empower its community of creators, Nothing offers freely downloadable .stl files for the basic rear cover of the CMF Phone 1. This allows 3D printing enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and design their unique back covers.

Early tests conducted by the community have yielded promising results, showcasing the functionality and potential of 3D-printed accessories. Additionally, optimized .stl files are expected to be released in the future, further streamlining the design and printing process.

For inspiration, look no further than the community itself! Shantanu Goel, a creative member, has already prototyped a functional camera grip, demonstrating the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

A Collaborative Spirit: Sharing Ideas and Fostering Innovation

Nothing actively encourages its global user base to share their ideas, sketches, renders, and 3D-printed creations. The company fosters a collaborative environment where users can inspire each other and learn from one another’s creations.

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This collaborative spirit extends to responsible accessory design. Nothing emphasizes the importance of ensuring compatibility and user safety. While encouraging creativity, the company advises users to exercise caution and highlights that it is not liable for any issues arising from unofficial accessories or modifications.

Here are some resources provided by Nothing to jumpstart your creative journey:

  • Downloadable .stl files for the basic CMF Phone 1 back cover
  • A dedicated forum for sharing ideas and designs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the CMF Phone 1?

A: The CMF Phone 1 is a revolutionary smartphone from Nothing, featuring a unique design with replaceable back covers and an Accessory Point for attaching various functional add-ons.

Q: Can I design my back cover for the CMF Phone 1?

A: Absolutely! Nothing provides downloadable .stl files for the basic back cover, allowing you to 3D print your customized designs.

Q: Where can I find inspiration and resources for 3D printing my CMF Phone 1 back cover?

A: Nothing offers downloadable .stl files and encourages users to share their creations online. Additionally, explore online communities and platforms dedicated to 3D printing.