Nubia revealed the upcoming flagship Z30. It will get 100x zoom and a hidden front camera


Nubia revealed the upcoming flagship Z30. It will get 100x zoom and a hidden front camera

Yesterday we reported that Nubia CEO Ni Fei announced that the company is planning a new flagship Z-series smartphone. Renders of the device will reportedly be named Nubia Z30 today.

Nubia Z30
Nubia Z30

Judging by the image, the device will receive a display and a rear glass panel with curved edges. Also striking is the lack of a cutout for the front camera. It can be assumed that the smartphone will receive either a retractable module or a sub-screen camera. Most likely, we are talking about the second option since the company that owns Nubia ZTE already has developments in this direction. On the backside, there will be the main camera block containing four lenses. The inscription on the module states that the camera supports 100x hybrid zoom. This means that one of the sensors will have a very high resolution.

Ni Fei previously announced that Nubia’s new flagship smartphone would receive the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset. However, it is unknown if only one Nubia Z30 device will be presented or if the company will show simplified and more advanced versions with it.

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