Nvidia Broadcast will “force” the user to always look at the camera


Even if the streamer averts their eyes, it will appear that they are still maintaining eye contact.

Nvidia has updated its Broadcast streaming app to version 1.4 with a few new featuresThe most interesting was the Eye Contact function, which simulates the user’s gaze into the camera, even if in fact he looks away. In other words, the neural network will process the image so that the user on the screen always looks like he is looking directly into the eyes of the interlocutor. “Simulated eyes”, according to Nvidia, will be the same color as real ones, and they will also blink naturally. If the streamer looks away too much, and Eye Contact can no longer cope, then the function will simply turn off so that the person on the screen does not look completely unnatural.

 Eye Contact
Eye Contact

Nvidia believes that the new feature is especially suitable for those who want to stream while reading their notes or script, or simply avoid eye contact for some reason. The company notes that Eye Contact is still working in test mode, so image processing may not always be completely correct. There are millions of eye colors and lighting combinations, all of which affect how Eye Contact works, so users can test the new feature and help improve it. The developers even asked to send short videos with examples of how Eye Contact works.

The Verge posted a video demonstrating how the new feature works in Nvidia Broadcast, placing two pictures side by side: with Eye Contact turned off and on. Definitely, the function needs to be improved, although at some points it works quite correctly. In addition to Eye Contact, Nvidia Broadcast 1.4 comes with a few other new features, including a vignette effect and improved options for blurring, replacing, or removing backgrounds. The updated version of the application will only work fully on computers with NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards.

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