Older new generation Intel mobile processors can be very “gluttonous”


Even for a 12-core configuration, the PL2 value will be 115W

Intel Alder Lake processors, which will be released in a few months, will retain the 10nm process technology, although it will be improved relative to the current Tiger Lake processors. At the same time, mobile CPUs of the new generation will not be limited to eight cores. Considering small cores, their total number will reach 16. So what will happen to power consumption in this case? 

Intel mobile processors
Intel mobile processors

Older new generation Intel mobile processors can be very “gluttonous”

This information was obtained from the latest Linux patch. It turned out that according to this indicator, the new items will approximately correspond to their predecessors. 

So, now we have data for three rulers.  

CPU line Kernel configuration PL1 / PL2
Alder Lake-U15 2 + 8 15/55
Alder Lake-U28 4 + 8 28/64
Alder Lake-H45 4 + 8 45/115

Recall that the PL1 value is recommended by Intel for installation as TDP. PL2 is the peak maximum consumption achieved over short periods of time. 

In this case, the PL2 indicators of the new products are almost the same as those in Tiger Lake. Is that the older Tiger Lake-H have a value of 109 watts, and for the Core i9-11980HK it reaches 138 watts.  


However, there are two nuances. Firstly, the source for some reason says that Alder Lake-H45 has a maximum of four large cores, and the PL values ​​are indicated precisely for this configuration (4 + 8), although we have already seen that such CPUs, and even Alder Lake -U28 will also exist in the 6 + 8 configuration. Secondly, it is worth remembering that there will also be Alder Lake-H55 with the maximum core configuration (8 + 8). What value PL2 will be for him is anyone’s guess so far.  

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