Olympic Flair Takes Center Stage: “Fire & Ice” Audio Series Heats Up with Nancy Kerrigan, Picture start, and Meet Cute


Get ready to lace up your virtual skates and experience the world of competitive figure skating through a captivating new audio series. “Fire & Ice,” a collaborative effort between Erik Feig’s Picturestart, podcast studio Meet Cute, and Olympic figure skating legend Nancy Kerrigan, promises a thrilling narrative set against the backdrop of Olympic dreams, fierce rivalry, and blossoming romance.

This SEO-optimized article delves deeper into the details of the “Fire & Ice” audio series, exploring its plot, cast, production team, and the significance of Nancy Kerrigan’s involvement.

Nancy Kerrigan
Nancy Kerrigan

A Story of Passion, Competition, and Friendship

“Fire & Ice” isn’t just about the technical prowess of figure skating; it delves into the emotional rollercoaster experienced by aspiring Olympians. The series follows a group of skating champions who navigate the delicate balance between intense competition and forging strong friendships while chasing their dreams on the biggest stage – the Olympics.

The narrative explores themes of:

Balancing Ambition and Camaraderie: The series delves into the complexities of competition, where athletes strive to be the best while fostering meaningful relationships with fellow competitors.

The Emotional Journey of Athletes: The story sheds light on the immense pressure, dedication, and resilience required to compete at an Olympic level.

Empowering Female Athletes: “Fire & Ice” emphasizes the strength and determination of female athletes, showcasing their ability to excel in a demanding sport.

A Stellar Voice Cast Brings the Story to Life

The “Fire & Ice” audio series boasts a talented cast who will bring the characters and their aspirations to life:

Chiara Aurelia: Known for her role in “Cruel Summer,” Aurelia lends her voice to a central character in the series.

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Jack Martin: Fresh off his performance in “La Brea,” Martin joins the cast to portray another pivotal figure in the skating world.

Kennedy Holmes: The Voice alum, Kennedy Holmes, adds her vocal talents to the mix, enriching the diverse soundscape of the series.

The supporting cast includes:

  • Laura Schein
  • Clayton Farris
  • Ashley Eskew
  • Yuriy Sardarov
  • Kendall Johnson
  • Sydney Battle
  • Kathleen Leary
  • Jenni Barber
  • Gabe Greenspan
  • Scott Golden

Ashley Eskew also takes on the dual role of director and producer for the series.

A Collaboration of Passion and Expertise

The “Fire & Ice” audio series wouldn’t be possible without the combined efforts of these industry powerhouses:

Picturestart: Led by Erik Feig, Picturestart brings its production expertise and experience to the table.

Meet Cute: This innovative podcast studio contributes its unique storytelling approach to the creation of the audio series.

Nancy Kerrigan: Olympic icon Nancy Kerrigan lends her experience and passion for figure skating, serving as an executive producer and injecting authenticity into the narrative.

Lindy Goldstein Productions: Veteran producer Lindy Goldstein joins the team as an executive producer, further bolstering the production strength.

This collaboration creates a synergy between industry veterans, storytellers, and a true legend of figure skating, promising a compelling and immersive audio experience.

More Than Just Entertainment: Empowering Young Women

Both Nancy Kerrigan and Lindy Goldstein highlight the importance of the message conveyed by “Fire & Ice.” The series strives to empower young girls by demonstrating that:

Competition Can Be Healthy: “Fire & Ice” emphasizes the power of healthy competition, where athletes strive to excel without resorting to unhealthy tactics.

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Strength and Friendship Coexist: The series showcases the ability of female athletes to forge strong friendships while vying for victory.

Women Can Have It All: The narrative dispels stereotypes and emphasizes the potential of women to achieve greatness in competitive sports while maintaining strong connections.

Beyond the Audio Series: A Feature Film in the Works

“Fire & Ice” isn’t just an audio experience; a feature film adaptation is also in development. The film script is penned by Ashleigh Powell, known for her work on Disney’s “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.” Meet Cute will retain its executive producer role for the film project, showcasing its commitment to the story’s potential across different formats.

Mark Your Calendars: “Fire & Ice” Debuts Soon!

The wait is almost over! “Fire & Ice” will debut on various podcast platforms on April 9th. Get ready to be transported to the world of high-stakes figure skating with captivating characters, a compelling narrative, and the legendary Nancy Kerrigan lending her expertise.

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