Oppo and OnePlus made a statement about the possible exit from Europe


The situation is not 100% clear.

Whether Oppo and OnePlus are pulling out of important European markets is not entirely clear yet.

Recall that yesterday there was news about the potential departure of Oppo and OnePlus from a number of European markets . Oppo, when asked to confirm or deny this, said that its business in the UK and Europe remains “normal”, while OnePlus’ statement explicitly denied plans to leave the region. The latest statement from Oppo’s press office in Europe does not bring conclusive clarity.

Oppo and OnePlus made a statement about the possible exit from Europe

Oppo and OnePlus are targeting all existing European markets. We’ve had a great start to 2023 with several successful product launches in Europe and we have a lineup of future products for the rest of the year. As always, Oppo and OnePlus will continue to bring more innovative products and best-in-class services to users in the future.

Oppo and OnePlus
Oppo and OnePlus

From the looks of it, Oppo and OnePlus will remain in existing European markets until at least the end of 2023. But the companies are not saying anything about their plans beyond 2023.

The companies also talked about the ban on the use of their phones in Germany due to a patent trial that ended in favor of Nokia. They released the following joint statement:


The injunction is currently limited to the German market. Oppo is operating as normal in other European countries. We are committed to our existing markets and are still actively working to resolve the issue with Nokia. Meanwhile, all users, including users from Germany, can continue to use their products, receive after-sales service and future updates.

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According to popular insider Roland Quandt, Oppo will shut down its German team by the end of June. However, he added that this does not necessarily mean that she will stop working in the EU.


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