OPPO has patented a snake-shaped smartphone with a flexible display


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:33 pm

OPPO has patented a snake-shaped smartphone with a flexible display

The Chinese company OPPO, according to internet sources, has patented several smartphones at once with an unusual design, providing for a flexible display.


Modern devices with a flexible screen have a classic clamshell or book form factor. Roll-up display devices are also in development. OPPO offers a completely different design.

As you can see in the patent illustrations, the company is speculating on serpentine devices, consisting of six or eight blocks with multiple joints. According to OPPO’s idea, a flexible screen will pass through the surface of all modules.

This design will allow the device to be bent in several places, realizing different modes of use. For example, you can either completely close the screen, or leave a small part of it visible to view notifications and useful information.

The patents describe variants with a display that folds inward and outward. Some devices do not have a view of the camera at all – it may be hidden behind the screen.

However, while serpentine smartphones exist only on paper. OPPO says nothing about the possibility of releasing their commercial versions. 

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