PepsiCo will carry the soda in Tesla Semi trucks only 100 miles away. And it’s not clear why

Cars with chips will be able to drive many times more

PepsiCo, which was the first to place a large order for Tesla Semi trucks and recently received the first such vehicles, is not going to use even half the capabilities of the trucks, if we talk about their autonomy.


The PepsiCo VP said in an interview that the Semi can carry cargo over long distances, but the soda trucks will only travel about 100 miles. For comparison, Frito-Lay chips were mentioned, with which trucks travel about 684 km while maintaining 20% ​​of the charge. Why the soda cars will travel only 100 miles is unclear. At the same time, of course, with the same volume, chips weigh orders of magnitude less than bottles of soda, but whether this means that a fully loaded Semi cannot travel significantly more than 160 km is unclear. At least the PepsiCo representative did not say anything about it or even hint at it.

Recall that Tesla itself talks about a power reserve of 800 km when fully loaded, so it is unlikely that the company is so inaccurate in its promises. 

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