Google is working on a system for recognizing doctors’ handwriting


The function will be built into Google Lens and will find the right medicines by prescription photo

At its annual conference in India, Google announced a very useful development, which, if it is really implemented, will help to cope with a long overdue problem and even (who knows!) save human lives. We are talking about a translator from medical to human, in other words, the function will allow you to decipher prescriptions written in illegible handwriting of doctors. This has been a problem for at least several decades and is thought to be due to the fact that doctors often write prescriptions in a hurry. As a result, patients may not always know which medicines they should buy.


The new feature, which Google is currently working on with pharmacists, will be built into the Google Lens service (Google Lens). It will allow you to take a picture of a prescription or upload it from the image gallery, and the system will recognize and show the user the medicines mentioned in the prescription. The CEO of Google in India demonstrated the operation of this service at the conference. Google is silent on a specific launch date for this often vital feature, saying that “a lot of work remains to be done to make this feature available to everyone.” It is not yet clear what languages ​​such a “translator” will support, it remains to be hoped that Russian will also be among them.

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