Polaroid builds world’s smallest analog instant camera


Polaroid builds world’s smallest analog instant camera

The Polaroid Go Instant Camera is now available for pre-order at an estimated price of $ 100, with only one color available, white.


The developer calls the novelty the world’s most compact analog instant camera. Dimensions are only 61 × 84 × 104 mm, which allows you to carry them with you at all times without any problems.

The camera is equipped with a flash and a small mirror for taking self-portraits. A shutter timer is provided. A 750 mAh rechargeable battery provides power.

For the camera, the paper will be available in packs of 16 pieces: the size of such cards is 66 × 54 mm. The resulting pictures, as noted, are convenient to carry with you in your pocket.

The device is equipped with a lens with a focal length of 34 mm (35 mm equivalent). The shutter speed range is from 1/125 to 30 s. The novelty weighs approximately 240 g. The battery charge is enough for 15 finished photos. 

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