Pricing for next-gen Xbox games will be announced later. It is worth preparing for a promotion


And this is expected

The new generation consoles, among other things, brought to the market the expected, but no less unpleasant event for gamers. It’s about raising the prices of games. 

next gen Xbox games
next gen Xbox games

Pricing for next-gen Xbox games will be announced later. It is worth preparing for a promotion

Sony has announced new prices for a number of games for quite some time now, and has also raised prices for many older ones. For some reason, Microsoft fans sometimes think that Xbox games will not rise in price, but this is doubtful. And today there is the first official indirect confirmation that Microsoft will also raise prices.  

So far, the company hasn’t said anything about game pricing for the new consoles. Today, Xbox CFO Tim Stuart revealed that prices for next-gen consoles will be announced at a later date. 

I think we are not making specific pricing announcements yet, but we will do so in due course. 

Prices haven’t gone up in a couple of generations, so don’t be surprised at what is happening. Content creation costs are rising. Publishers and content creators, including us, want to make sure you are using the right gross profit profiles, the right earnings profiles to create these awesome new games. 

Nothing was said directly, but it is clear that prices will be announced later and that an increase should be expected.  



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