Production of batteries for cars in Technopolis Moscow will begin this year


The assembly of batteries from modules has already been launched

General Director of Renera LLC Alexander Kamashev said that the production of batteries for electric vehicles will begin at the end of this year in the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone.

Two-stage production commissioning: module assembly line – Q3 2023, automated production – by the end of the year. Production area – 6 thousand square meters, [annual production] productivity – 320 MWh.

Alexander Kamashev

He added that the assembly of batteries from modules has already been launched at the industrial site of the Moscow Polymetal Plant, and Technopolis Moscow will start manufacturing modules.

batteries for cars
batteries for cars

This is a 60-meter automated line, at the beginning of the process, cells and other components are loaded that form a module, and at the output we have a ready-made module with almost complete automation. This is a serious, complex production, in fact, part of the gigafactory production.

In December, the Moscow Polymetal Plant launched the production of batteries with an annual production capacity of about 150 MWh, which corresponds to almost 2,000 traction batteries for electric vehicles.

The design annual capacity of the new gigafactory, which is being built in the Kaliningrad region, will be 4 GWh. From 2025, the plant will be able to supply 50,000 electric vehicles per year with batteries.

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