Published an update trailer for the scandalous project Rune 2 from the Epic Games Store


Last updated on April 29th, 2023 at 01:48 pm

An attempt to revive a failed product.

scandalous project Rune 2
scandalous project Rune 2

In November last year, an action movie with elements of the Rune 2 survival simulator from Human Head Studios was released on the PC only in the Epic Games Store service. However, literally the day after the release of the game, it became known that Human Head Studios was closing down, and almost all studio employees would work at Bethesda’s Roundhouse Studios. 

Moreover, the quality of Rune 2 left much to be desired. The average score of the game froze at around 47/100 according to Metacritic (9 reviews). Moreover, the developers of the game refused to give the publisher Ragnarok Game LLC the materials necessary to support and develop the project. The case almost reached the court. 

Interestingly, Ragnarok Game LLC did not abandon the project and began to correct defects. The other day for Rune 2 came out a major addition “Lazarus” (Lazarus), which promises a “completely redesigned basic mechanics”, including a redesigned combat system and progress system.

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