Panasonic GH6 camera credited with Sony IMX594CQR sensor


The announcement of this Micro Four Thirds camera system is expected in August or September of this year.

The source published unofficial information about the Panasonic GH6 camera of the Micro Four Thirds system, the announcement of which is expected in August or September of this year. Previously, it was assumed that the new product will be presented at the Photokina 2020 exhibition, scheduled for late May. However, as you know, coronavirus forced to adjust plans.
Panasonic GH6 camera

According to preliminary data, the GH6 line will include three models: GH6, GH6V and GH6X. One of the differences between them will be the maximum video resolution. It is expected that shooting will be available in RAW format with a resolution of 4K, 6K and even 8K. In this case, all models will use the same image sensor – Sony IMX594CQR with a resolution of 41 megapixels.

The cameras are also credited with the availability of new image stabilization systems and automatic focusing – more efficient and faster than in current-generation cameras, as well as increased battery life.

Cameras may appear on sale in early 2021.

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