Queen Bey Rides into Spotify with “Cowboy Carter,” Boosting Black Country Artists


Beyoncé’s latest album, “Cowboy Carter,” isn’t just breaking records – it’s creating a seismic shift in the music industry. Since its release, the album has not only dominated the charts but also propelled lesser-known Black country artists into the spotlight. This unexpected outcome highlights the immense influence Beyoncé holds and the potential for her album to reshape the landscape of country music.

Numbers Don’t Lie: A Surge in Listenership for Black Country Acts

One of the most significant effects of “Cowboy Carter” is the dramatic increase in listenership for Black country artists featured on the album. Spotify reports a surge in both first-time listeners and overall catalog streams for these artists. Brittney Spencer, a rising star, witnessed a staggering 170% increase in first-time listeners, while Reyna Roberts and Tanner Adell saw a 125% jump. Tiera Kennedy’s numbers skyrocketed by an impressive 110%.

Cowboy Carter
Cowboy Carter

Beyond First Impressions: Increased Catalog Listening for Black Artists

The “Beyoncé effect” extends far beyond initial discovery. Catalog listening, which refers to streams of an artist’s entire body of work, also saw a significant boost. Tiera Kennedy experienced a phenomenal 40,000% increase, while Brittney Spencer and Reyna Roberts enjoyed increases of 37,220% and 16,000% respectively. Even established artists like Willie Jones (75% increase) and Shaboozey (70% increase) benefited from the album’s release.

“It’s a Cultural Movement”: Industry Experts Weigh In

NyAsia Burris, Spotify’s lead for artist partnerships in R&B, emphasizes the profound impact of “Cowboy Carter.” “This showcases the power of the Spotify ecosystem and how it drives discovery,” Burris states. She further highlights Beyoncé’s undeniable influence, adding, “The proof is in the numbers – this album has created a cultural movement and is uplifting Black creators to new levels of visibility.” Burris acknowledges the project’s long-term potential, stating, “We’re just beginning to see the true impact.”

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Chart-Topping Success and Genre-Bending Collaborations

“Cowboy Carter” shattered records on Spotify, becoming the most streamed album in a single day for 2024. The album’s influence transcended genre boundaries, with a remarkable 23 out of 27 songs debuting on Spotify’s U.S. Top 50 chart. Notably, Beyoncé’s rendition of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” featuring new lyrics, climbed to the No. 3 spot.

Genre-Bending Collaborations and Empowering Representation

“Cowboy Carter” boasts an impressive list of collaborators, including established artists like Miley Cyrus, Post Malone, and Willie Nelson. The album also features a special guest: Beyoncé’s 6-year-old daughter, Rumi Carter. Significantly, the album includes Linda Martell, a trailblazer for Black artists in country music and the first Black woman to perform solo at the Grand Ole Opry. Martell’s inclusion underscores Beyoncé’s commitment to amplifying Black voices in country music.

Beyoncé’s Collaborative Effort: A Catalyst for Growth

Beyoncé’s “Cowboy Carter” album, released recently, has become a catalyst for the rise of Black country artists on Spotify. Brittney Spencer, Shaboozey, Tanner Adell, Reyna Roberts, Willie Jones, and Tiera Kennedy, all featured on the album, have witnessed a surge in listenership since its debut. The collaborative cover of The Beatles’ “Blackbird,” featuring Spencer, Roberts, Adell, and Kennedy, has particularly garnered attention, contributing to the album’s cultural impact.

Significant Increases in First-Time Listeners

The numbers speak volumes: following the release of “Cowboy Carter,” first-time listeners for these artists have soared. Brittney Spencer, for instance, experienced a remarkable uptick of 170 percent in first-time listeners, while Reyna Roberts and Tanner Adell saw increases of 125 percent each. Tiera Kennedy’s first-time listens also surged by 110 percent, highlighting the broad appeal of the album and its diverse lineup of artists.

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Catalog Listening on the Rise

Beyond attracting new listeners, “Cowboy Carter” has also led to a substantial increase in catalog listening for the featured artists on Spotify. Tiera Kennedy, for instance, witnessed a staggering surge of 40,000 percent, while Brittney Spencer saw an astounding increase of 37,220 percent in catalog streams. This surge in engagement underscores the album’s role in amplifying the visibility and recognition of Black country acts in the music industry.

The Beyoncé Effect: Driving Cultural Movement

The impact of Beyoncé’s collaboration extends beyond individual artist success to create a cultural movement. Spotify’s NyAsia Burris highlights the album’s role in uplifting Black creators and driving discovery within the Spotify ecosystem. As “Cowboy Carter” continues to gain momentum, its long-term impact on the visibility and recognition of Black artists in country music remains profound.

Record-Breaking Success on Spotify

“Cowboy Carter” has not only captivated audiences but also made history on Spotify. With a record-breaking number of streams, the album has become the most streamed in a single day this year. Furthermore, Beyoncé’s cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” reached the No. 3 spot on Spotify’s U.S. Top 50 chart, underscoring the album’s widespread appeal and influence.

Celebrating Diversity in Country Music

Featuring collaborations with artists like Miley Cyrus, Post Malone, and Linda Martell, “Cowboy Carter” celebrates the diversity of country music. Beyoncé’s groundbreaking achievements, including topping both the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot Country Songs charts, highlight the album’s role in breaking barriers and paving the way for greater inclusivity in the genre.

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