Returnal has acknowledged major issues with the game, including the save system


Returnal has acknowledged major issues with the game, including the save system

Finnish studio Housemarque has commented on players’ dissatisfaction with some aspects of their roguelike shooter Returnal for PlayStation 5 on their microblog and Discord server.


Recall that one of the main claims of journalists to Returnal was its save mechanics: when you exit the projector, turn off the PS5, the system resets the user’s progress within the already running cycle.

Soon after the release of Returnal, ordinary players also joined the group of disaffected: the community pointed out to Housemarque several flaws that could spoil the experience of a roguelike shooter.

First, the already mentioned system of consolidating progress. As it turned out, “the game team is aware of this problem,” and users “no longer need to draw attention to it” from the developers.

Secondly, Housemarque commented on bugs preventing interaction with fabricators or opening doors. In both cases, the creators advise against using alternative costumes from pre-orders.

Also, in Returnal, there are problems with sound (too loud or absent), displaying specific enemies, and changing controls (users lose the ability to perform some actions).

Returnal debuted on April 30 this year exclusively on PlayStation 5. Today, May 3, the game received patch 01.003.001. The update brought with it is unknown at this stage (the list of changes is empty).

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