Rumors: action RPG Monster Hunter: World left without cross-platform features due to Sony


Rumors: action RPG Monster Hunter: World left without cross-platform features due to Sony

Modder and data miner AsteriskAmpersand, citing a file from last year’s Capcom data breach, revealed, among other things, why the action RPG Monster Hunter: World was left without cross-platform features.

Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World

Recall, despite the multiplayer focus, Monster Hunter: World cannot offer its customers either cross-platform saves or a cross-platform game.

According to AsteriskAmpersand, the project lacked features due to a deal between Capcom and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE): the latter allegedly became an insurmountable obstacle to the introduction of cross-platform capabilities.

AsteriskAmpersand also reported that Sony Interactive Entertainment obliged Capcom to delay the release of PC versions of both Monster Hunter: World itself and the large-scale Iceborne add-on.

AsteriskAmpersand bases its claims on a Capcom document titled Global Meeting_minutes_20190315 about the SIE deal, a screenshot posted on the ResetEra forum.


“As for the PC version, although the agreement with SIE will come to an end, this time advertising will be allowed, unlike the situation with MHW, but limited to 30% of the voice share and is associated with restrictions on cooperation,” says the Capcom document …

Monster Hunter: World debuted in January 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One and made it to PC (Steam) in August. A similar situation took place with Iceborne: the console release was in September 2019, and the computer release was in January 2020.

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