Samsung Bespoke AI washing and drying machine introduced


Of course she’s smart

Samsung has released a new Bespoke AI washer and dryer. The manufacturer claims that it can optimize the washing process depending on the purity of the water.

Samsung’s new Bespoke AI all-in-one washer dryer uses digital frequency conversion heat pump technology, according to reports. It allows you to wash up to 25 kg of laundry and dry up to 13 kg of laundry at a time.

Samsung Bespoke AI washing
Samsung Bespoke AI washing

According to Samsung, this model saves space in the home compared to installing two machines, and its minimalist design blends harmoniously with home and other appliances. When users start the machine, they can control it through the LCD screen, selecting modes and other settings. The display shows the current help information and the time until the end of washing/drying.

With AI Wash, the Bespoke AI washer/dryer combo detects the weight, softness and soiling of clothes in every load based on the purity of the water to optimize water and detergent usage. Using this information, it can continuously adjust soak, rinse and spin times to achieve optimal results quickly and efficiently.

Samsung will unveil its latest line of digital electrical products during IFA 2023, which opens on September 1st.

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