Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is finally getting a new hinge


Such hinges are already used by almost everyone

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 smartphone not only gets a stylus storage space , but also a new hinge. 

 Galaxy Z Fold5
Galaxy Z Fold5

Insider Ice Universe says the company may use a “drip” hinge in the new foldable flagship. This solution will reduce the wrinkle on the screen. It is important that almost all manufacturers who produce foldable smartphones use such hinges, but Samsung has not yet switched to such solutions.  

The insider notes that the water protection of the new Samsung flagship will continue, which will advantageously distinguish the new product from its competitors. Whether the new hinge will make the smartphone thinner or get rid of the gap between the halves in the closed position is still unclear. 

Ice Universe was the first to accurately talk about the new trend for smartphones with waterfall screens, about the notch in the iPhone X, about the new design of the iPhone 14 and about Samsung’s 200-megapixel image sensor.

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