Samsung has denied rumors about the desire to buy ARM


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:22 pm

Samsung has denied rumors about the desire to buy ARM

Yesterday, a rumor circulated on the Web that the South Korean company Samsung, as part of a consortium of companies, also decided to participate in the auction related to the purchase of the British developer of processors ARM. And if not the entire company, then at least some of its assets. Samsung today officially denied this information.


According to South Korean media reports, Samsung claimed a stake in ARM. The South Korean technology giant, as part of a consortium of companies, was going to acquire a small block of shares in ARM (3-5%), ostensibly in order not only to save a key developer of processor architectures for itself but also to achieve some preferences in determining the size of licensing fees through these investments. The sum of $ 41 billion was even named, which the consortium of companies, together with Samsung, was ready to give for the share of the British manufacturer to its Japanese owner SoftBank Group. But it turned out that these were just rumors. Today, Samsung representatives said that the previously announced information is completely “groundless” rumors, reports Yahoo Finance.

Recall that the British company ARM is a developer of processor microarchitectures that are used in products of companies such as Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung, and others. ARM is owned by the Japanese company SoftBank Group, which acquired it in 2016 for $ 32 billion.

ARM recently piqued interest from GPU maker NVIDIA. At the moment, she, together with SoftBank Group, is negotiating a possible purchase. The exact amount of the proposed deal was not named, but there was information that NVIDIA is ready to give more than $ 32 billion for ARM. Earlier it was also reported that SoftBank Group does not want to sell all ARM entirely, but only a part of its assets.

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