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Samsung is first again.


It will soon appear in real devices

Samsung Display has unveiled the world’s first mobile OLED panel with built-in fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor.

Similar panels, called Sensor OLED, are designed to be used in smartphones and tablets for health monitoring. It is expected that such devices will appear in the near future.

Samsung is showcasing the world’s first OLED panel with built-in fingerprint and cardiovascular tracking at SID Display Week 2023, which is taking place this week in Los Angeles, California, USA.


Samsung is first again.

The OLED touch panel received a built-in light-sensitive organic photodiode. This means companies don’t need to install a separate fingerprint scanner under the OLED panel, saving money and space inside the device.


The technology will allow fingerprints or heart rate information to be read from multiple fingers at the same time. This allows the device to offer more accurate biometric authentication and blood pressure measurements. The new OLED panel can also simultaneously measure the user’s stress level.

To accurately measure a person’s blood pressure, measurements must be taken on both arms. The OLED touch display can simultaneously recognize the fingers of both hands, providing more accurate health information than current wearable devices.

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