Samsung will make video cards much faster. The company introduced GDDR6W memory with a bandwidth of HBM2e level


Last updated on December 2nd, 2022 at 05:55 pm

Samsung will make video cards much faster.

As you can understand from this very name, this is not something completely new, however, it is not at all the same as GDDR6 / GDDR6X.

GDDR6W deserves attention due to both its characteristics and the technologies behind it. In particular, the new packaging technology FOWLP (Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging) is used here. It is thanks to her that the new memory is allocated with much more bandwidth and twice the capacity.

samsung gddr6w
samsung gddr6w

In particular, compared to the usual GDDR6 with a frequency of 24 GHz, the bandwidth of GDDR6W is twice as high, as is the capacity. Thanks to this, the volume of one microcircuit was increased to 4 GB, the number of I / O operations also doubled, and the microcircuits themselves became much thinner, since the crystal is mounted directly on a silicon wafer, and not on a printed circuit board. As a result, the height of the chip with doubled capacity is only 0.7 mm versus 1.1 mm for conventional GDDR6.

Speaking of bandwidth, Samsung compares GDDR6W to HBM2e memory, which is 1.4 TB/s for the chip at 22 GHz.

The company completed standardization for the new memory in the second quarter. But it is not yet clear when GDDR6W will hit the market.

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