Sci-fi RPG Thriller Chernobylite Launches July 2021


Sci-fi RPG Thriller Chernobylite Launches July 2021

All in! Games and Polish studio The Farm 51 announced that Chernobylite, a sci-fi action RPG with elements of horror and survival in the surroundings of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, will officially launch in July on PC PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Before PS5, Xbox Series X and S will get there later this year. The game is now in Early Access.


However, those who want to do so don’t have to wait another three months to enjoy the final game: the last major pre-launch update has been added to the Early Access version. It brings significant changes in the storyline, dialogue, localization, optimization, and soundtrack. Also, from now on, it is possible to get acquainted with the final level of the game called “Robbery” (so far, the developers have added only a third of it). A fresh gameplay trailer has also been presented:

Currently, there is the last chance to purchase the PC version of Chernobylite on Steam with a 20% discount before launch while getting all upcoming downloadable add-ons for free. Only buyers of the Early Access version are guaranteed all future DLC content for free upon launch.

“We have never hidden that Chernobylite’s storyline is the backbone of the story. All main and side missions are critical to the overall experience of the game. We can see from the community reactions that the story has received a lot of attention, and the players are looking forward to the sequel. However, there is nothing that cannot be improved further. This also applies to the plot, which has been carefully edited and tweaked. We have tried to highlight the various layers and aspects of the story we have written as much as possible. It focuses on the figure of Igor, a man who is trying to unravel a mystery from the past and understand his role in events that happened many years ago. The attempt to find your beloved Tatyana is not only literal but also metaphorical – it is a desire to face the past, full of mysteries and understatement. These and many other aspects of the plot have been redesigned, and, despite many twists and turns, they represent a single whole, “ – said the creators.

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All audio in the game has been re-recorded in English and Russian. As a result, the characters sound more natural, have acquired individual traits and depth. The developers have prepared text localization for all the main languages ​​of the game: English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Polish, added Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.

The update also brought four new characters to the world of Chernobylite to take part in the development of the plot: the Tramp, Volodya, the Hermit, and the Deserter. They have appeared in the game before, but now they have officially entered the canon. Many innovations and gameplay improvements have also been introduced – for example, the ability to arm companions with armor and weapons that can be found or created at the base. The save system has been improved; added a new type of enemy (heavily armored soldier); in case of death, the player now loses several valuable random items from the inventory; added support for controllers; a lot of optimizations and fixes; completely redesigned graphical settings; and much more.


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