Second try: Samsung unveils the flexible Galaxy Z Fold 2 with larger screens


Second try: Samsung unveils the flexible Galaxy Z Fold 2 with larger screens

Samsung has unveiled the second generation of its full-size foldable smartphone with the rather convoluted name Galaxy Z Fold 2. We’ve already heard a lot about the phone thanks to leaks. And the changes compared to the original turned out to be quite noticeable. For example, the additional display of the phone located on the lid now covers the entire surface, and not only part of it, as in the first generation.


his Fold 2 external screen measures 6.2 inches. The diagonal of the main display now reaches 7.6 inches – also more than the first Fold (7.3 inches). Unfortunately, Samsung has not yet commented on the specifications and has not named the changes that have taken place inside the device.

The first version of the Fold was notorious for its poor reliability. Closing the flexible display created an air gap through which dust and particles could enter. When the phone was opened again, the sand would dent or damage the screen. Moreover, the company added a protective layer over the display, which to unsuspecting users looked like a protective film. When the first reviewers removed this tape, they soon learned that it is an integral part of the display and cannot be removed.

To quickly resolve the issue, Samsung recalled test samples and worked for several months to fix key issues. This included new plugs at the ends of the hinge to prevent dangerous dirt from entering and placing the ends of the film under the bezels of the device. However, this did not clear up questions about the Fold’s reliability: stress tests showed that the hinge could not withstand the 200,000 openings that Samsung originally guaranteed.

There were other little things that you wouldn’t expect from a device worth over $ 2,000. The cameras were placed in a large cutout, the external screen was awkward, when folded, the device was thick and formed a large gap: the smartphone did not look attractive.

It looks like the plastic cutouts surrounding the main display are a thing of the past, making everything look much more elegant. Samsung has also spent a lot of time making the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s hinges look better. In the first generation, the mechanism was quite massive, and this one seems much more perfect – Samsung promises that it will be more reliable. Luckily, the camera issue seems to have been fixed as well: it is now housed in a neat circular notch on the main display.

If Samsung can solve a tricky equation, perhaps the Note series will gradually fade into the past? In the end, the main feature of the Note series was its large screens and nib. Foldable devices like the Fold 2 may offer even more massive displays, and in the future, Note smartphones may be redundant.

The Fold 2 is available in black, bronze, and Thom Browne finishes. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about the price and characteristics (although you can guess that support for 5G is present). Samsung promises that we will learn more about Fold 2 during a separate event in September.




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