Selected Intel Core i9-11900K is on sale with an overclocking guarantee up to 5.1 GHz and a price of up to $ 880


Selected Intel Core i9-11900K is on sale with an overclocking guarantee up to 5.1 GHz and a price of up to $ 880

The American online store Silicon Lottery has started selling select Intel Rocket Lake-S desktop processors, which are guaranteed to be overclocked to certain clock speeds. Buyers are expecting offers in the form of several variants of the flagship eight-core Core i9-11900K and the six-core Core i5-11600K.

Intel Core i9 11900k
Intel Core i9 11900k

The six-core Core i5-11600K model is offered in three variants. The most affordable version is priced at $ 250, which is actually even lower than the recommended price for this processor at $ 262. The store guarantees that this version of the chip can be manually overclocked to 4.8 GHz across all cores, 200 MHz higher than the official specifications announced by Intel. To achieve the result, you will have to increase the value of the voltage used by the processor in the BIOS to 1.45 V. According to Silicon Lottery, the chips have passed stress tests, and therefore the declared overclocking level is guaranteed for them.

The Core i5-11600K version, capable of overclocking to 4.9 GHz across all cores, will cost $ 10 more. The most promising option with overclocking potential up to 5.0 GHz across all cores, 400 MHz higher than the declared value, is estimated by the store at $ 340. Top-notch Core i5-11600K processors account for 17% of all units tested.

The flagship model Core i9-11900K is also offered in three variants. The chip version with the ability to automatically overclock all cores to 4.9 GHz is estimated at $ 620. However, in most cases, a Core i9-11900K purchased from any other retailer can easily demonstrate the same level of turbo frequency. Silicon Lottery also offers select Core i9-11900K units that can automatically overclock to 5.0 and 5.1 GHz across all cores. The cost of these proposals is $ 700 and $ 880, respectively. According to the store, about 29% of all tested Core i9-11900K samples can be overclocked to 5.1 GHz. In other words, every third  Core i9-11900K on the market is ready to offer such overclocking potential.

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It should be noted that overclocking the Core i9-11900K above 5.0 GHz across all cores will lead to a significant increase in processor temperature and power consumption. This fact was recently confirmed in the MSI Insider podcast.

To operate the processor in such conditions, it is recommended to use a very high-quality liquid cooling system and a powerful power supply. 

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