Should AirPods be scared? OnePlus really getting ready to launch its first TWS headphones


They will probably be called OnePlus Pods.

A month ago, there was information that OnePlus was preparing to release its first fully wireless headphones. Then it was said that they will be presented in July.


Should AirPods be scared? OnePlus really getting ready to launch its first TWS headphones

And now, XDA experts found in the code of the beta version of Android 11 for OnePlus 8 the mention of a certain device, which, most likely, is the very same headphones. Now they are called OnePlus Pods, although the final name may be different. The fact that these are completely wireless headphones is indicated by the line “com.oneplus.twspods”. In addition, there is an indication of reading the charge level from each earphone separately, which is necessary only for TWS models.

Thus, everything indicates that soon OnePlus will really show such a product, but so far we can only guess what it will be and how much it will cost.


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