Snake’s voice actor comments on rumors of a Metal Gear Solid remake


Snake’s voice actor comments on rumors of a Metal Gear Solid remake

Actor David Hayter, best known as the voice of several variations of Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series, in an interview with YouTube channel Dan Allen Gaming, commented on rumors of a remake of the first part.

Metal gear solid
Metal gear solid

Assumptions that Konami will modernize at least the original Metal Gear Solid with its own or someone else’s forces have been expressed for several years but have not yet received official confirmation.

As it turned out, Hayter is also aware of the rumors mentioned, but until recently, it did not take them seriously. At the end of last week, however, the actor was contacted by an insider.

“I thought it was just a rumor until the day before yesterday I received a message from one of the insiders. He heard that [the Metal Gear Solid remake] could actually happen, ”said Hayter.

The artist did not share any additional details of the potentially modernized Metal Gear Solid. Still, he admitted that the developers would probably have to re-record all the sound – audio from the PlayStation or Nintendo GameCube will not work.

“You can hear cars and other noise on these old cassettes because we didn’t record in a studio, but in a living room,” Hayter shared his recollection of scoring Metal Gear Solid for the original PlayStation.

According to unconfirmed reports, Konami – the owner of the rights to the Metal Gear series – will outsource the creation of new parts of Metal Gear Solid (and Castlevania) to third-party studios. For example, Bluepoint Games.

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