SoC M3 Ultra will have this configuration


She won’t come out this year

According to recent data , the Apple M3 Max platform will receive a 16-core CPU and a 40-core GPU. This is already impressive compared to most of the company’s solutions, but Apple will also release the M3 Ultra, which will consist of two M3 Max.

SoC M3 Ultra
SoC M3 Ultra

Thus, the new flagship SoC of the Cupertino giant will offer 32 processor cores and a GPU with 80 cores. For comparison: the M2 Ultra has 24 and 76 cores, respectively.

SoC M3 Ultra will have this configuration

True, Bloomberg journalist and insider Mark Gurman says that the M3 Ultra can get even more computing blocks, but this will only be possible if the M3 Max also has more blocks.

SoC M3 Ultra will be used in the updated PC Mac Studio and Mac Pro. Also, perhaps, we are waiting for the iMac Pro, but there is still little clarity regarding such a candy bar.

Gurman says that SoC M3 is expected in October, but more productive next-generation platforms are unlikely to be released this year.

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