Sony has doubled orders for the production of PlayStation 5: the company is counting on rush demand


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:18 pm

Sony has doubled orders for the production of PlayStation 5: the company is counting on rush demand

In June, mass production of PlayStation 5 game consoles started, and, as informed sources explain, Sony has radically revised its forecast for demand by the end of the current fiscal year. If earlier she hoped to sell about 5 million consoles, now this number has doubled. Cope with the new volume of orders will not be so simple.

sony playstation
sony playstation

The agency Bloomberg , citing sources familiar with Sony’s plans, explains that the continued self-isolation in many countries of the world gives reasons for optimism for the Japanese company. If people continue to sit at home, then game consoles will be in high demand. Back in March, Sony expected to release from five to six million copies of the PlayStation 5 in the next twelve months, but now the volume of orders has been increased to 10 million pieces.

It is assumed that half of this number of consoles Sony will have time to release by the end of September, and the remaining five million – from October to December. The problem is that it will not be possible to deliver all these consoles to end users in a short time using traditional sea transport. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that individual batches of the PlayStation 5 will be delivered by air, and this will entail an increase in producer costs. In addition, air transportation is also carried out in a limited mode due to a pandemic, and the deficit of consoles in the first months after the announcement is unlikely to be avoided. The “second five million” will reach customers in 2021, as the source predicts.

The impact of the pandemic on the sale of game consoles in the past six months has already been felt by Nintendo, which faced a shortage of Switch family consoles. The problem was more pronounced in those markets that are geographically remote from the place of production of consoles – in Europe and the USA. The expectation of a “second wave” of the pandemic and the continuing unfavorable situation in some regions allow Sony to think that self-isolation will spur demand for game consoles in the second half of the year.

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