Sony Lytia image sensors presented


These are 50 and 53 MP

Late last year, Sony, through its Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS) division, introduced Lytia, a new brand of image sensors for mobile devices.

Sony officially announced this week that the Lytia lineup will include as many as five 50MP and 53MP image sensors with different specifications.


The top sensor was LYT900 optical format 1 / 0.98 inches with a resolution of 50 megapixels. This is a 1-inch image sensor that delivers excellent results with low power consumption.

Sony Lytia image sensors presented

Also presented are a 53-megapixel LYT800 1/1.43-inch optical format, a 50-megapixel LYT700 sensor for the 1/1.56-inch optical format front camera, and two more 50-megapixel sensors: LYT600 and LYT500 1/1.953-inch optical format and 1/2.93 inch respectively.

According to Sony’s official statement, the reason Lytia has introduced several 50-megapixel sensors is because this is an increasingly common resolution in modern smartphones.



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