Intel is preparing an inexpensive top for their money? Core i5-13400 destroys Core i5-12400 in first tests


It’s almost Core i5-12600K

Intel Raptor Lake processors younger than the Core i5-13600K have not yet been introduced and will be released only in early 2023. However, it is reported that some of these CPUs have been on sale in some Asian countries for two weeks now. And, of course, tests have hit the Web

 Intel Core i5
Intel Core i5

In particular, the Core i5-13400 was tested, which showed an impressive increase relative to its predecessor.

Core i5-13400

As you can see, the new product is ahead of the Core i5-12400 in both single-threaded and multi-threaded mode. But in the first case, the increase is only about 5%, and in the second it reaches a considerable 29%. At the same time, we know that the Core i5-13400, like the rest of the younger Raptor Lake, is actually an Alder Lake processor, that is, with large cores on the old architecture. It is because of this that there is a slight increase in single-threaded mode, which is due to only 200 MHz higher frequency. But the impressive increase in multithreading is due to the presence of additional cores. If the Core i5-12400 has only six large cores, then the Core i5-13400 received four more small ones in addition to them. That is, in terms of configuration, this is an analogue of the Core i5-12600K, but the latter has a higher frequency

 Core i5-12400
Core i5-12400

True, the extra performance goes to the CPU not for nothing, but an increase in power consumption. If Intel, as in the case of older CPUs, keeps about the same prices for new items as Alder Lake had, then the Core i5-13400 will cost about $210-220.

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