SpaceX postpones launch of next batch of Starlink internet satellites


SpaceX postpones launch of next batch of Starlink internet satellites

Private space company SpaceX has postponed the launch of the 16th batch of Starlink internet satellites. However, there is nothing to worry about – just the weather. “We decided to abandon today’s launch of Starlink. The rocket and payload are operational; the teams will take advantage of the extra time to complete the data analysis, ”the company tweeted.


SpaceX also said that the launch of the next 60 Starlink satellites is now tentatively scheduled for Tuesday 05:34 Moscow time, but it is possible that weather conditions will interfere with the mission again. The Falcon 9 launch vehicle was supposed to leave today at 05:56 Moscow time from the launch site at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

The previous 15th launch took place successfully at the end of October. From February 2018 to the present, the company has launched about 900 vehicles into orbit, and it is planned to deploy at least 4,400 units to create a full-fledged global broadband network. SpaceX has permission from the US government to launch nearly 12,000 Starlink satellites, although it plans to launch another 30,000 – for a total of almost 42,000.

Now the company has launched testing of satellite Internet among ordinary users. For equipment for receiving and sending a signal, you need to pay $ 499, and the monthly subscription fee is $ 99. SpaceX promises speeds of 50-150 Mbps, but sometimes it turns out to be even higher. With strong bad weather, the indicators can significantly decrease , but even with moderate wind and snow, the connection remains at a good level.



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