Starlink Direct To Cell service will launch in 2024


But initially only with text messages

Starlink will launch Direct Cell service for direct communication between smartphones and satellites next year.  

Starlink Direct To Cell service
Starlink Direct To Cell service

Initially, it was planned to launch it this year, but apparently, something didn’t work out. Let us remind you that this is a joint project between SpaceX and T-Mobile. That is, the service will be available only in the USA and only to users of the above mobile operator. But SpaceX has already struck similar deals with other operators in other countries, including Optus in Australia, Rogers in Canada, KDDI in Japan, One NZ in New Zealand, and Salt in Switzerland.  

Starlink Direct To Cell service will launch in 2024

It’s also worth keeping in mind that next year it will only be possible to send and receive text messages, but the ability to make calls directly via satellites will appear only in 2025, along with support for data transfer. 

In addition, it should be noted that the connection will be implemented via LTE networks, so it is not yet clear what speeds will be available. However, earlier it was said about 2–4 Mbit/s within a “cell”. 

The advantage of this solution is that the user does not need any special equipment. Not the latest smartphones will do either.

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